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Never before been available in NZ, we’re so excited to bring Maya Chia to Indie Beauty. 

Founded by Susanne Norwitz, Maya Chia is a carefully crafted award winning product line based on rigorous peer-reviewed clinical research. As the brand name suggests, Chia oil is the mainstay of all products in the Maya Chia line. Chia Seeds are the most nutrient-dense botanical source of omega fatty acids, antioxidants and essential minerals – all of which have incredible skin benefits.   

Maya Chia's patented supercritical extraction method for Chia oil magnifies the product's potency, allowing them to deliver the purest and most effective form of this powerhouse ingredient. 

Along with Chia Oil, Maya Chia was one of the first skincare brands to bring the powerhouse ingredient, Astaxanthin (65x stronger than Vitamin C), to the beauty market. Chia, Astaxanthin, Sweet Lupine Seed Extract, Sake are just a few staples in their formulas that work to create category-defying skincare. 

What’s more to love, Maya Chia leads the way as a green beauty brand, being both altruistic and committing to their environmental responsibility. An initiative that is close to founder Susanne Norwitz’s heart, Maya Chia is the Corporate Sponsor of Adopt-a-Village Guatemala, which empowers Maya communities through education and training. Maya Chia is 100% carbon neutral, their studio complex in South Carolina is powered by solar energy (including a solar car charging station free for their employees to use!). 

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