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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. 

Sustainability efforts have been improving within the beauty industry in the past few years, with many companies chasing the three 'R's, a much needed paradigm shift in terms of packaging. From recycled ocean waste plastic, to shampoo bars, to refillables. 

Enter Axiology Beauty. Hailing from Bend, Oregon, Axiology have been paving the way with their eco-friendly beauty innovations. 

Ericka Rodriguez, Axiology’s founder, started her company in her kitchen after not being able to find cruelty-free lipsticks. Ericka is a passionate animal rights advocate, her products are vegan and certified by PETA. As well as fighting for “Bunnies over Profits”, her and her team are constantly looking for ways to produce less waste.  

Axiology’s lipsticks all come in boxes that are made from paper waste collected from trash in Bali. Read about the story behind Axiology’s boxes here. 

But Axiology didn’t stop there, Ericka and her team created the world’s first zero waste lip crayon, the Balmie.  

What are Balmies? 

Balmies are three-in-one cream multi-sticks, it’s a lipstick like bullet that is wrapped in a thin sheet of post-consumer recycled paper. You just rip the paper as you go, pretty much like a crayon! As well as coming in beautiful hues of pink, coral, berry and red, they also come in highlighter and bronzing shades which can be used on cheeks and eye-lids as well as lips. 

With Oprah as a fan (yes, Oprah!), and a sustainability winner of the Beacon Awards, Axiology’s zero-waste Balmies have revolutionsed the possibilities in sustainable makeup packaging. 

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