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  • This next-level, multiple Vitamin C serum is expertly designed to renew the skin’s surface and fortify the skin structure. It's a brightening serum that helps to visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots, improve overall skin tone and texture, and support the skin’s extracellular matrix by stimulating collagen synthesis.

    A fast absorption formula structured for potency, this serum harnesses two fully stabilised and clinically proven biomimetic Vitamin C complexes:

    Complex One - features a gentle, superior form of Vitamin C (3-O-Ethyl-L-Ascorbic Acid) backed by heavy-hitting antioxidant cofactors, Ferulic Acid and Vitamin E.

    Complex Two - a mighty medley of cutting edge pure L-Ascorbic with regenerative Colloidal Gold and Glutathione.

    Plus, phytonutrients Azelaic Acid, Licorice extract, and Tamanu are used to rejuvenate and repair.

    This lightweight, non-sticky, moisturising serum increases suppleness and noticeably smoothes the skin, forming an invisible shield against environmental oxidative stressors.

    It has a soft citrus scent derived from a singular, organic essential oil, used in a minimal concentration.