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  • Josh Rosebook's Daily Acid Toner is a must have! It's an exfoliating, brightening skin toning treatment that works to visibly improve skin, help slow skin deterioration, and improve skin texture and structure. A luxurious facial acid toner which helps resurface, soften, and firm skin while working to stimulate collagen production and increase skin hydration.

    With a unique combination of pyruvic, malic, citric, and glycolic acids in a base of rich, in-house made whole-plant extracts, micronutrient-dense clay minerals, protective and regenerating amino acids and algae, and hydrating aloe juice. It's quite remarkable, and one of Indie Beauty's routine favourites!

    Suitable for all skin types including acne and sensitive conditions. Safe and effective used in conjunction with retinol, retinoids or tretinoin.