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The ultimate gift to give and receive - Josh Rosebrook's best-selling hydration enhancing skincare products, bundled in a 100% certified organic cotton pouch.

Limited numbers are available! Features...

100ml Hydrating Accelerator - A multi-action hydrating mist, delivering nutrient-dense, herb-infused aloe water which effectively penetrates the stratum corneum to enhance the delivery of hydration, antioxidants, and phytonutrients into the skin.

15ml Hydration Boost Concentrate - This unique unscented, oil free and essential oil-free formula works to significantly increase skin hydration to support vital skin function, plump, regenerate, and help slow decline of the skin. Hydration Boost Concentrate leaves skin plump, rejuvenated and visibly hydrated.

15ml Vital Balm Cream - Aloe Vera, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant herbal actives, and rich plant oils deliver potent nutrient synergy to support healthy skin function. Polysaccharide-rich Indian Senna Seed extract mimics hyaluronic acid and assists the skin's ability to hold onto water delivering plump, soft, hydrated skin.