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  • Introducting Maya Chia's POWER FOL™, where skincare meets scalpcare. Our scalps are often neglected - stress, hormones, aging, environmental stressors are all culprits behind hair thinning which starts at the follicle level on the scalp.

    POWER FOL™ is an award winning first of its kind hair loss solution using the most advanced clean beauty science to regrow hair while it immediately volumises, thickens and strengthens the hair you have. 

    A patent-pending, fast absorbing, ultra lightweight yet potent infusion of the most nutrient dense, clinically proven proprietary blend of Multiple Peptides, Amino Acids, Collagen (vegetable source), High Quality Antioxidants, Fermented Minerals, Phyto-Actives and Adaptogens.

    The formulation takes a comprehensive approach to overall hair wellness, encouraging the look of denser, stronger and healthier hair at the same time it minimises the appearance of hair fallout. Additionally, pea peptides impart immediate visible volume to the hair in addition to providing proven long term benefits.

    RESULTS: In a third-party study of participants using Power Fol™ Multi-Correctional Scalp and Hair Serum, after only 8 weeks 89% of the participants said scalp and hair felt healthier, 82% of the participants said this product noticeably improved hair density and 73% noticed less hair in their hairbrush, as well 73% felt their hair looked fuller. Results best seen after 90 days.